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Tommy Tutone band photoAbout the band

The following is excerpted from the 1997 re-release of the band's first two albums and is written by Mark Marymont:

Tommy Heath and Jim Keller were the heart and soul of Tommy Tutone. Heath sang and played guitar and piano while Keller's duties included some singing and lead guitar. They worked with bassist Jon Lyons, who was later replaced by Greg Sutton and drummer Victor Carberry, who was replaced by Jerry Angel. Steve LeGassick joined in 1983, playing keyboards and synthesizer.

Heath and Keller first got together in 1978.... After working up some songs together, the duo was signed to Columbia Records, debuting in the spring of 1980 with "Tommy Tutone" (Columbia 36372)....

After taking more than a year to write and record new songs, Keller and Heath were back in business with a new album, "Tommy Tutone - 2" (Columbia 37401), that would prove to be their breakthrough record. Issued in late 1981, the album's first single would be their biggest hit....

["867-5309/Jenny"] caught on immedidately with radio programmers and it charted on Billboard in January 1982, peaking in the Top 5. It was certified gold, for sales of more than 1 million copies....

With a Top 10 hit to their credit, it wasn't a surprise that Tommy Tutone's album also did well, peaking at No. 20 in the spring of '82....

"National Emotion" (Columbia 38425) was their third album. Issued in the fall of 1983, it did chart for a few weeks on the album lists but none of the singles from the release were successful.

With the minimal success of their third album seeming to be an indication of their future, Heath and Keller decided to call it quits.

After the breakup of the band, Tommy Heath moved to Nashville, Tennessee. In 1992, using his nickname "Tommy Tutone," he released two songs on a compilation album called "Nighttime Roundup." In 1996, he put out a solo album called "Nervous Love."

He put out another solo album in 1998, called "Tutone.rtf."


City Lights (Various Artists) (Jupiter Records) -- 1979

City Lights
  1. What's It Gonna Do For You
  2. Reno

    (other artists)

Tommy Tutone (Columbia) -- 1980

Tommy Tutone
  1. Angel Say No
  2. Cheap Date
  3. Girl In The Back Seat
  4. The Blame
  5. Fat Chance
  6. Rachel
  7. Dancing Girl
  8. Hide Out
  9. What 'Cha Doin' To Me
  10. Am I Supposed To Lie
  11. Sounds Of A Summer Night

Tommy Tutone 2 (Columbia) -- 1981

Tommy Tutone-2
  1. 867-5309/Jenny
  2. Baby It's Alright
  3. Shadow On The Road Ahead
  4. Bernadiah
  5. Why Baby Why
  6. Which Man Are You
  7. No Way To Cry
  8. Steal Away
  9. Tonight
  10. Only One
  11. Not Say Goodbye

National Emotion (Columbia) -- 1983

National Emotion
  1. Dumb But Pretty
  2. Someday Will Come
  3. Laverne
  4. National Emotion
  5. Get Around Girl
  6. I Believe
  7. Money Talks
  8. Imaginary Heart
  9. Sticks And Stones
  10. I Wanna Touch Her

Nighttime Roundup (Various Artists) (Taxim Records) -- 1992

Nighttime Roundup
  1. Love Is Out There Somewhere
  2. Eventually

    (other artists)

Nervous Love (Appaloosa) -- 1996

Nervous Love
  1. A Long Time Ago
  2. Once You Start Walking
  3. I Wake Up In Heaven
  4. Another Slow Dance
  5. Our Special Place
  6. Marincy, Arizona
  7. Nervous Love
  8. Mr. Hold Up Man
  9. The Far Side Of The Bed
  10. Reach Out And Touch Her

Tommy Tutone/Tommy Tutone-2 (Collectables) -- 1997

Tommy Tutone/Tommy Tutone-2
  1. Angel Say No
  2. Cheap Date
  3. Girl in the Back Seat
  4. The Blame
  5. Fat Chance
  6. Rachel
  7. Dancing Girl
  8. Hide-Out
  9. What 'Cha Doin' to Me
  10. Am I supposed to Lie
  11. Sounds of a Summer Night
  12. 867-5309/Jenny
  13. Baby It's Alright
  14. Shadow on the Road Ahead
  15. Bernadiah
  16. Why Baby Why
  17. Which Man Are You
  18. No Way to Cry
  19. Steal Away
  20. Tonight

Tutone.rtf (Secret Disc Label) -- 1998

  1. Young Love
  2. Jenny's Calling
  3. The Grifter's Prayer
  4. Our Special Place
  5. Happy Birthday, Anyway
  6. A Little Bit O' Heaven (And A Whole Lot of Hell)
  7. The World Ain't Flat
  8. Lynn's Song
  9. Forever's Too Far Away
  10. I'm Still With You
  11. Once You Start Walking
  12. Everybody Else Is Wrong


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