The 867-5309/Jenny Awareness Center

"Even if they can't get the numbers straight, they tell me that was their personal anthem for the '80s."

Tommy Heath, Tommy Tutone

Tommy Tutone promotional band photoShit....

I bought this address in 2003 by accident. A quick Google Search will reveal that, indeed, other people make the same mistake. The song is actually "867-5309/Jenny". And thus the birth of the "867-5309/Jenny" Awareness Center. Hopefully, this site will help prevent similar mistakes in the future by other people.

By the way, the song is also not technically "Jenny (867-5309)" or "867-5309 (Jenny)."

867-5309/Jenny News

January 2014

Today I learned that at position 9,202,591 in π (pi), you will find Jenny's telephone number! (It also occurs later in the sequence.) Thanks to Supersnazz for the post. For your information, reader, I did fact check this.

January 2009

NYTimes Time

Ooh some press! The New York Times mentions the site in a fun column about the song.

867-5309 for sale on Ebay again, along with your own DJ Business

Spencer Potter is selling his DJ business in New Jersey, along with the 867-5309 number which can be relocated.

July 2007

Vonage Easter egg no longer

RuthAnn of Louisanna writes that Vonage no longer is playing a snippet of "867-5309" before the number rings. Aw :(. Thanks for the update.

May 2006

Acoustic version of "Jenny"!

Hey, who feels like "Jenny" unplugged? I don't know, however, there is a new compilation CD coming out, called "80s Hits Stripped" with some of the popular hits of the '80s in acoustic versions (including "867-5309/Jenny", "Land Down Under" - Men at Work, "Blinded Me with Science" - Thomas Dolby, and "Jessie's Girl" - Rick Springfield). Could be interesting. Available now for pre-order at

March 2006

"867-5309/Jenny" Vonage Easter egg

"Dexter" writes that if you use Vonage as your phone company, when making a call to any "867-5309" number, they play the chorus of "Jenny" before completing the call. Thanks for the tip! Now we have even more reasons to prank the number, not that I'm endorsing or encouraging that.

June 2005

(215) 867-5309 for sale, cheaper

The Philadelphia number (215) 867-5309 has been listed on ebay again. The reduced price tag is $39,999 US.

May 2005

Hit me baby, one more time

Two new pieces of Tutone news. The first is that Tommy Tutone (I'm not sure if it is the band or the singer only), will be on NBC's "Hit Me Baby, One More Time," some sort of American Idol for One-hit-wonders, this Thursday, June 9th.

(215) 867-5309 for sale

Also, the number (215) 867-5309 is for sale on ebay. It's part of a business package including the domain a singles dating site in Pennsylvania. The price tag is hefty. The entire business can be yours for $69,999 US.

This is not that out of the realm of possibility as the number (212) 867-5309 was auctioned on ebay in February 2004 and the price tag reached more than $200,000 before Verizon closed it down.

February 2004

Tutone Inc. Closed -- Call Jenny"Tutone Inc. Closed... Call Jenny at 867-5309"

Some technically-oriented pranksters hacked into a news sources' school and business closing website and "Jenny" got some more exposure.

Reader, Tim Magee writes:

TV station News 14 Carolina was recently embarrassed by poor security on a website it set up to allow people to report extreme-weather closures of schools and businesses. People were able to post bogus messages on the site, which were then broadcast.

December 2003

Britney Spears gets it wrong too!

Attentive reader Entil Zha points out that the phone number 876-5309 has turned up in a recent Britney Spears video!

He writes,

For the song "I Love Rock'N'Roll," BS is doing her thing alternately in a karaoke bar and on a set. At one point in the bar scenes, we see her with something written on her hand. Later, for a few frames, she brings her hand to hold the mike stand and we get to read that someone there gave her their number -- and that's the number....

Course, it could be written INTENTIONALLY wrong, since it wasn't Jenny, but rather, Ben who gave her the number. :)

And to avoid a lawsuit. Is this a dig on J-Lo? Whatever the case, this proves "867-5309/Jenny's" place in the public's pop (or rock)-consciousness. Enjoy:

Britney Spears tribute to Tommy Tutone Britney Spears gets picked up by Ben


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